Nan’s Spinach Tagliatelle with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms & onions

Home alone tonight and totally starving after a long and beautiful day of yard work and magazines. Watched KERA cooking shows and got all inspired. So I created —

Spinach Tagliatelle with Roasted Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Onion

This recipe is for one single serving…the Home Alone size : )

Roasted tomatoes (homemade-recipe below)
Olive Oil – 4 Tbsp.
Mushrooms – 4 mushrooms cut into bite sized pieces
Onion diced – about 4 Tbsp.
salt and pepper to taste
Spinach tagliatelle (one serving size)
Parmesano Reggiano Cheese

Roasted Tomatoes
One plastic box (you know what I mean here) cherry tomatoes
4 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and fresh ground pepper
3 Tbsp Oregano

Mix tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper and tomatoes on a baking sheet. Cook in oven at 225 degrees for 3 hours. Cool and store in airtight container. These last for a week in the fridge and are great on pizza and pasta.

THEN – Cook tagliatelle according to package directions. In separate pan saute diced onion, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes in olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Drain pasta and add to sauce. Grate Parmesano Reggiano cheese on top to taste. YUMMY! May just be one of my best pasta recipes yet.

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