Soft Shell Crab Benedict

It’s hard to believe that we still have one fried soft shell crab left over and that nobody ate it yet….but we did. So for breakfast, I decided to make Soft Shell Crab Benedict, using the crab that had already been fried (from the prior post below), and bread that we had in the pantry. Didn’t have any muffins, so I just improvised. In a pinch, I always use Knorr brand sauces in the packets. They’re almost as good as homemade and oh so much simpler. This recipe was quick and easy, and serves 2 people.

Soft Shell Crab Benedict 
One fried soft shell crab (made from recipe in my prior post below), reheated
2 pieces of 45 calorie wheat bread, toasted (or an English muffin, halved)
4 poached eggs
1 packet Knorr Hollandaise sauce (made according to package directions)

Reheat the already-fried soft shell crab in a small skillet on low heat, turning until hot
Make Knorr Hollandaise according to package instructions.
4 poached eggs  How to poach an egg
Toast the bread in the toaster.

To make 2 plates: Place one slice of toast onto each plate. Cut the heated soft shell crab in half and place 1/2 onto each piece of toast. Place two poached eggs onto the crab and top with 2 tablespoons of Hollandaise.

And VOILA! Simple. Easy. Delicious.

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